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So you are living in a High Rise or in some suburb on the Gold Coast, (whether you be in Holywell, Runaway Bay, Hope island, Pimpama, Yatala, Surfers Paradise, Southport, Coombabah, Coomera, Helensvale or Oxenford), we will gladly come and help to get your upholstery spotless, everybody will comment on how clean and fresh it is.



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How To Clean Upholstery

Well, the best thing is to start with someone who has been helping clients to get their couches and upholstery so fresh and clean, that all your friends, family and relatives will comment on it.

We have been helping clients all throughout the Gold Coast including Carrara, Broadbeach Waters, Clear Island Waters, Ashmore, Southport, Murwillumbah, Ocean Shores, Mullumbimby, Coolangatta, Burleigh Heads, Robina, Springbrook, Beechmont, Canungra, Tamborine Mountain, Tyalgum, Helensvale, Currumbin, Tweed Heads, Nerang and surrounding suburbs.

So what makes the difference in upholstery cleaning?
Well, the main thing is to use experience, but together with science.

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Over the last seven years I have been taking extra care to get an understanding of the science behind carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.
So what is the chemistry of cleaning?
Before taking any cleaning wand to a carpet or a couch or upholstery, you need to understand the chemical reactions insofar as what it does to soil, but how it reacts with fibre.
Firstly, you’re going to need a solvent, which is a chemical substance that dissolves other substances.
Getting rid of soil, you have to physically remove it while it is dry, mostly by vacuuming.
You can also physically remove soil while it is wet.
Also remember to use proper ventilation when you are cleaning carpets or upholstery with dry solvents.

Specialist Upholstery Cleaning

These are only ever used for removing spots, and never with overall cleaning.
Some good examples of solvents are POG or paint, oil, grease.
Another one is VDS or volatile dry solvent which evaporates, and NVDS which is none volatile dry solvents, and does not evaporate.
These are all good examples of dry solvents which have no water, ammonia or acetic acid, and then even plain water is a good example of a water-based solvent.
Solvent solution is a liquid mixture when one component is dissolved into another, but then which separates when dry.
An emulsion is a mixture when and where the soil is broken down because of detergency, and spread evenly throughout the solvent.
A suspension is a mixture comprising components which are not dissolved, but remain suspended and dispersed due to the chemical forces of the detergent.

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We’re talking about graphite, carbon et cetera.
So what are soaps versus detergents?
Well, true soaps are made by converting fat into soap, using lye as the converter.
When you clean a greasy restaurant, it is a good example of “saponification”, which is when you change greasy dirt into a soap which is easily rinsed.
You can even turn heated bacon grease into a soap using oven cleaner.
This combination will fullfil the same chemical function as soap, which is to encapsulate grime and dirt by lowering the surface tension of water.
You have detergents, mostly synthetic.

Can You Steam Clean Linen Upholstery

Cleaners mostly use pre-conditioners, or pre-spray is for the sake of cleaning spots and stains.
These are synthetic detergents which are far less sticky than natural soap, but with included surfactants which are the most vital part of the mix.
Surfactants are chemical substances which reduces water surface tension, and this allows it to penetrate and clean.
Another important aspect is that it also causes de-flocculation, which is the physical separation of soils from fabric.
When you have very foamy detergents, you can add some liquid silicone to reduce the foam, but only to the waste tank of your carpet cleaner.
Don’t use it on the carpet surface because it causes rapid re-soiling.
Surfactants severely influences cleaning performance.
It does that by lowering the surface tension of water making water “wetter”.

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When water is spilled onto a surface and then beads up, it is because of high surface tension holding it together, and not allowing it to penetrate.
Surface tension is rated in a measure called “dynes”

A higher dynes rating cannot be affected or soiled by the one with the higher dynes rating.
Heat however is the one property that lowers the dynes rating of any water-based solution.
Because water has a higher dynes rating than most material, it will not penetrate those materials.
However, adding a good detergent to the water lowers the water’s surface tension to make it penetrate.
Soft water is therefore best for cleaning, because it maximises chemical performance and effectiveness.
This chemical aspect gets utilised by fabric protectors.

How To Spot Clean Upholstery Stains

Because fabric protectors lowers the dynes rating of most fabrics to about 15 dynes, water spills bead up on the surface rather than penetrate.
To break this surface tension, use a surfactant with a lower dynes rating and the surface of the material that was treated with the fabric protector.
Remember that using too much surfactant residue on any fabric or carpet means that you have lowered the dynes rating to where spots and stains could easily penetrate in the future.
As you can see there are many important points to understand about carpet and upholstery cleaning, and what I’ve explained is only the beginning.
Other chemical factors one has to take into account is whether the solution is hydrophilic or water loving, hydrophobic or water fearing, and as for electric charges .. which makes a huge difference to whether it is possible to clean certain fabrics not, consider whether your materials are anionic, cationic or non-ionic.

Cleaning Old Upholstery

PH specifications, or the scale of acidity versus alkalinity also comes into play.
This is because the strength of a cleaning solution is determined by its pH concentration.
For example, a chemical with a pH of 10 is 1000 times stronger than a chemical with a pH of seven, and a chemical with a pH of two is 100,000 times stronger than a chemical with a pH of seven.
Together with these chemical aspects of cleaning, you also get some further principles that apply to just about any cleaning job.
This process is described by an acronym called TACT, standing for time, agitation, chemical action and temperature.
Let’s first look at time, and here we are looking mostly at chemical dwelling time, or the time it takes for the chemical to do its microscopic work.

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Next we look at agitation, which is the physical process of working your solution into the fibre, and which distributes pre-conditioner, surfactants, detergents and also suspends soils.
Next we have chemical action, which is the proper formulation and use of chemicals to suspend soils and break them down.
This includes reducing the surface tension of water.
The last aspect is temperature, and here it is common knowledge that hot water and hot cleaning solutions increase the effectiveness.
So for cleaning to offer the best result, we have to look at preconditioning, which is actually the workhorse of the whole operation.
Here you can use mechanical, electric or in-line sprayers for distribution.

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So many pre-spray solutions are offered on the market, but if you understand the chemicals, and the reaction you require for specific kinds of fabric and specific kinds of soiling, your job would be so much easier in choosing the proper pre-spray solution.
The next huge aspect of upholstery cleaning is the removal of odours, and why you can only use certain deodorising techniques with certain scenarios.
Anyway, I can continue for ever with this information that has helped me help hundreds of clients to get the most exceptional results on their upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning over the last seven years.
Remember that we also do rug cleaning, and that we remove dust mites either when doing lounge cleaning or steam cleaning.

Office upholstery Cleaning

Our specialty is stain removal, especially with carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.
We offer hot water extraction cleaning, and dry-cleaning or foam extraction cleaning depending on whether it is more convenient because of whether you are in a high-rise or on the ground.
Irrespective of your type of upholstery or upholstery fabrics, we will do a professional clean.
So if you have a sofa that needs cleaning, or a carpet and a rug, or a lounge suite, then I am your man
all you have to do is click below or call me to book your upholstery cleaning on the Gold Coast.



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