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So you are living in some suburb on the Gold Coast, (whether you be in Broad Beach, Mermaid Waters, Burleigh heads, Robina, Holywell, Runaway Bay, Hope island, Pimpama, Yatala, Surfers Paradise, Southport, Coombabah, Coomera, Helensvale or Oxenford), we will gladly come and help to get your mattress fresh, clean and sanitised so you can sleep easy.



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How to Clean a Mattress

So why is mattress cleaning Gold Coast so important to you?

Well, nobody likes to sleep on a dirty mattress.

Is your mattress stained with blood, mucus, pet urine, vomit, coffee, tea or other beverage stains?

So despite these stains being covered with a mattress cover or other bed-linen, it will still bother you.

Nobody likes to sleep on a dirty mattress, even if you cannot see the stains.

Now we have all heard about house dust mites that live in your mattress and number in the millions, and how mite excrement and dust could be the number one reason for nagging respiratory diseases and allergies.

Clean Mattress Stains

More than that, you probably don’t like becoming a meal every night to millions of these little crawling critters.

Unfortunately, the buildup of bedbugs, mites, dust and other allergens can only be eradicated by professional mattress cleaning.

Mattress cleaning on the Gold Coast requires high-end industrial strength vacuum cleaners and is further aided by hot water extraction and proper pre-spray cleaning agents.

Our steam cleaning services and hot water extraction is the best thing your bed could ever wish for.  

Perfect sanitisation is available,

Mattress and Upholstery Cleaning

As a local we will provide you with great service for your bed upholstery.

All you need to do is call us.

We have for the last seven years already helped hundreds of clients to completely rejuvenate their mattresses so they can sleep again with complete peace of mind.

Therefore you can trust us for sanitising your mattress, and possibly all the mattresses in your house, none of your family are suffering from toxic allergens generated by house dust mites, bedbugs and shaded skin cells.

Steam Clean Mattress

So if you call us and give us a chance, we will come in with professional high-end mattress cleaning equipment together with the right cleaning agents, and we will diligently clean all the mattresses in your household to leave everybody with a fully fresh and healthy mattress.
Our mattress cleaning service removes at least 96% of all stains on your mattress, and we also have the right equipment and chemicals for the sake of removing hundred percent of the stains if that is what you desire.

Professional Mattress Cleaning

These stubborn permanent stains require more care, agitation and specialised chemicals, but we are confident that our basic mattress cleaning process will provide you with an unbelievable result in terms of stain removal.
Just like with carpet cleaning, we have a three-step process starting with identifying and classifying the different fabrics that your mattress comprises.
This step allows us to figure out which of our pre-spray cleaning agents would be the best for the job.

Mattress Cleaning price

Part of the selection process includes using the correct cleaning agent for the stains we need to remove, whether it be bloodstains, urine stains, vomit, beverages or food stains.
Rather than completely rely on the physical mechanisms and suction power of our top end hot water extraction units to vacuum and eradicate the dust mites, bedbugs, mould, allergens and dust, we also choose the correct disinfectant to provide a completely hygienic and allergen free mattress after the cleaning process.
The third step in our unique process is to apply the most appropriate cleaning agent and disinfectant, and by means of our spray extractor we cover all the stains and the entire area of the mattress (top and bottom) with a liberal coating of the pre-spray.

Bed Mattress Cleaning Services

The next step is to apply agitation by means of a rubber brush or a rotary brush to help break down the stains in the fabric weave.

By taking our time and letting the pre-spray and disinfectant solution soak for a little while, we ensure that the final step does an incredible job of removing the stains.

So once we have waited for a couple of minutes after agitating the stains and the areas of the mattress that need extra care, we transition to the next step which is to use our extraction method to vacuum and remove all the water and pre-spray solution.

This is achieved by our powerful industrial strength vacuum cleaner.

How To Clean Mattress Stains

By monitoring the clarity of the extracted water and dirt, we can continue the cleaning process until we can say for certain that all the stain and underlying allergens and particles are properly removed.

Another goal of our highly professional mattress cleaning method is to leave your mattress as dry as possible.

If we utilise the hot water extraction method, we would prefer that we do the job before 12 o’clock in the afternoon so your mattress has the opportunity of drying out completely before you sleep on it that night.

Mattress Topper Cleaning Service

However, if we do not have that luxury, we will use our vacuum cleaner to repeat the extraction process as often as required to leave you with a mattress that is dry enough when bedtime finally arrives.

If we do not have the time, we can use our dry cleaning method which relies on agitating with special chemicals that absorb all the grime including allergens, dust, bedbugs, house dust mites and other pathogens.

These are all extracted using our high-end industrial strength vacuum cleaner.

Mattress Dry Cleaning

Thereafter we treat the stains with our dry-cleaning chemicals, and despite it not being as completely faro as our hot water extraction method, it still leaves you with a mattress that is fresh and hygienic and free of stains.

So what illnesses would this treatment eradicate?

Mattress Steam Cleaning Services

Well, if you suffer from asthma or allergies to any kind of microorganism, a clean mattress would relieve any sneezing caused by these allergens and bacteria.

As for the personal hygiene aspect thereof, our special cleaning process also removes both urine stains and the smell of urine.

Mattress Topper Cleaning Services

Some mattresses may require over one treatment to completely eradicate the urine smell, especially with cat urine or dog urine.

So despite just having that incredible feeling of sleeping in a brand-new hygienic and fresh smelling mattress, we also concentrate on the hygiene aspect to provide your family with a clean bill of health to eradicate allergies, asthma and the inhalation of mould and bacteria


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