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So you are living in a High Rise in some suburb on the Gold Coast, (whether you be in Holywell, Runaway Bay, Hope island, Pimpama, Yatala, Surfers Paradise, Southport, Coombabah, Coomera, Helensvale or Oxenford), we will gladly come and help to get your carpets so spotless, even your mother-in-law would be speechless.



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So are you looking at getting your carpet cleaned, but you live in a high-rise?

Then you cannot go wrong but call us to get High-rise carpet cleaning on the Gold Coast

Just about every carpet cleaning business on the Gold Coast is not geared to come and help you get your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned should you be living in a high-rise building.

For the last seven years now, we have recognised the plight of these apartment owners in high-rise buildings, and have put together an assortment of carpet cleaning equipment, vacuum cleaners, and other bits and pieces which allows us to clean your carpets in any high-rise building.

Among our specialised high-rise carpet cleaning equipment we have a low moisture extraction or dry foam method which is lightweight enough to get into an elevator and up into your high-rise apartment.

Vacating Cleaning

We also have a bonnet carpet cleaning system which offers superior agitation of your carpets and providing an excellent fresh clean result.
The fact is that the heavy duty truck mount hot water extraction systems are just too cumbersome to get upstairs
that’s why we have put together professional carpet cleaning equipment that is lightweight enough to get up into your high-rise apartment building
There are many views about which carpet cleaning method is the best.
Some regard steam cleaning (aka “hot water extraction”) as the absolute method, but this is not true.
In this method, you use a system that injects super hot water into your carpet at around pounds per square inch.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

The water is then instantly extracted out with a vacuum hose attached to a heavy duty cleaning wand.
It is a great system provided that the correct person is operating it.

One thing you have to know for sure is that no matter the system that is used, the experience, diligence, conscientiousness and approach of the operator is far more important than the system that you are using to clean your carpets and rugs.
The validation for the steam cleaning system is that the boiling water injected with so much power dissolves and melts away any oils, and breaks up the dirt.
The almost instant extraction there after provides for soil to be removed as soon as it has been broken up and loosen.

Rental Cleaning

It is a fast system with an experienced operator capable of doing a four-bedroom home in less than two hours.
The bonnet cleaning system uses a “bonnet” or cleaning pad that is stuck to the base of a commercial rotary polishing or buffering machine.
This method needs you to dip the bonnet buffing pad into a solution of shampoo or pre-spray and then running it over the carpet just as if you are polishing a floor.
The bonnet or cleaning pad will get dirty and soiled.
This means it is doing a good job of removing dirt from your carpet.
You then keep rinsing it out, turning it over and just keep working with it until it is too dirty or soil to continue.

Carpet Cleaners Gold Coast

At this point you have to replace the dirty cleaning pad with a new one.
You will then follow the cleanup by vacuuming the carpet until it is touch dry.
Carpets cleaned with the bonnet system can get dirty again fairly quickly, comparatively, as it does not remove the deep dirt at the base of the carpet.
That is one aspect of the steam cleaning carpet cleaning system that is superior in so far as that it removes the deep down dirt from underneath the carpet.
There is also the shampoo method which is very similar to the bonnet system, but rather than using a cleaning pad it has a rotary brush attached to it.
Shampoo gets mixed with hot water and poured into a tank.
The rotary machine is then pushed across the carpet.

Cleaning Service

The technician gradually releases shampoo solution into the carpet.

The machine whips this up into foam.
Thereafter, the carpet has to be vacuumed with a wet dry vacuum cleaner.
It is sometimes quite a rough process, so the technician has to be fairly careful not tearing the carpet.
Now we come to dry foam extraction, which offers the best of both worlds
the system does the carpet fibres like rotary systems, and then automatically extracts the dirt and soil and water afterwards.
The other benefit is that it is lightweight and therefore ideally suited to high-rise buildings.

Rug Cleaning Gold Coast

So the next thing you would like to know is what kind of furniture we cannot help you move.
Having an empty house is always the easiest, but these are the components that we unfortunately cannot help you move because of liability.
1) China cabinets with China in them (unless the customer empties them before arrival)
2) bookshelves with books in them
3) any furniture with electronics on
4) most beds are not moved
5) any heavy piece that has always been in the same place.


Affordable Carpet Cleaning

So you also may ask how do we go about cleaning stains, spots and how we do wicking?

Among your primary concerns, you will probably wonder how we will remove unsightly stains and spots.

It is probable that you have already tried removing the stains and spots with some commercially available soaps and solutions, and you may have had some initial success but then noticed that the stain seems to have come back with a vengeance.

This is because of a spot on your carpet often, the spot remover has merely cleaned the surface, but the real problem is deep down at the base of the carpet, out of eyesight.

For a none carpet cleaning technician, you probably do not know that the spot cannot merely be cleaned on the surface. 

The actual substance has to be removed from the base of the carpet, and this is where extraction comes in.

Steam Cleaning Carpets

An effective cleaning machine will loosen that dirt and then extracted through the base of the carpet into the vacuum cleaner.
If you don’t get this done and only clean the surface, you will get some wicking occurring.
Wicking is a process in which dirt at the base of the carpet keeps rising back to the top even after you have cleaned the surface and giving the appearance that the spot has come back when in reality it was never removed correctly in the first place.
That’s why personal carpet cleaning machines which are effective at cleaning the surface of the carpet leaves a lot to be desired in terms of deep cleaning.
They provide a short-term appearance of cleanliness, but most of the dirt stays at the base of the carpet.
Within a few days the carpet looks dirty again and again.
Wicking is the culprit.

Home Cleaning Services Gold Coast

You would probably think you have a stain when in reality you only have spots.
There is a big difference.
A stain is a discolouration which likely can’t be removed because the carpet fibres have changed colours, or have been dyed by whatever was spilled on it.
This is very common with red dyes in drinks, and then you will also may be encounter some very light discolouration is caused by spilled bleach.
In most cases these stains will just not come out with normal cleaning and spotting techniques.
There are products on the market that help blend the natural colour back in and remove the stain.
However, if we were to offer that service we would probably have to adjust our quote for the extra work involved.
Spots can almost always easily be removed because there are substances that have not dyed the carpet fibres.

Carpet Cleaners

Typically, pre-spraying is all that is needed to remove them.
Some spots however need treatment with the chemicals.
For example, Coca-Cola and other soda drinks will always come out with normal cleaning, whereas crayon, rust or Greece will require pre-treatment with the chemicals.
The next thing you probably love to know about is odour issues.
If you have odours, most of the time they are caused by pets and these include urine, feces, or vomit.
The odour is always stronger than what you think it really is, because you live in a home and have gotten used to these odours.

Bond Cleaner

Here is a fact about pet odours.  You can’t always remove it, and neither can anyone else.

There are some factors related to odours, for example, if the odour is caused by older urine, then you probably can not remove all the scent.

Another factor is that the urine may have soaked down into the carpet backing and padding.

We can treat these by injecting chemicals into the padding to neutralise the odour, but they are not always effective.

The best way to deal with these situations is to pull the carpet up and replace the actual padding.

This work is hard and time consuming, and we will also have to give you an amended quote if this is what we need to achieve for you.



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