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Using the optimum scientific method +7 years of experience

to achieve awesomely nice cleaning outcomes for those with

carpets, upholstery and tiles and grout.

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What We Do

For the last seven years I have been helping homeowners and business owners to get their carpets, upholstery and tiles and grout back to the sparkling condition they want.

I use the optimal scientific method together with my experience to provide the kind of outcomes that will always leave you with a smile, and totally happy with the incredible value you’ve received.

We are based in Hope island, but service the entire Gold Coast from yet another in the north right down to Tweed Heads in the south.

My specialty is vacate or exit carpet cleaning, and this includes apartments in high-rise buildings and multilevel buildings.

So if you want to get a quote on your job, please don’t hesitate to click the button below for an on-site inspection.

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    Our Services

    Carpet Cleaning Residential

    Do you want a fast and affordable carpet cleaning job that guarantees that you get your bond money back, or that would turn your friends and neighbours green with envy, then look no further

    Carpet Cleaning Commercial

    Do you need a major carpet clean that will turn your shop into a spotless environment, but not at the price of breaking your wallet, then let me come and show you what we can do for you

    Exit/Vacate Carpet Cleaning

    Do you have to vacate your premises soon, then please contact me so I can come and do an inspection and provide you with a proper quote. Believe me, you would love the price and if you check out our reviews, you will see that you will definitely get your bond money back

    Upholstery Cleaning

    If your upholstery is looking a bit daggy and you would like to get a complete makeover to provide you with fresh, spotless and hygienic upholstery that smells utterly fresh and minty, then we are just the right people to call. The best thing about our service is that it is so affordable. Call us now for a quote that would make you love our service

    High-Rise Carpet Cleaning

    If you live in a high-rise apartment or a multi-storey building, and you need either your carpets, your tiles and grout or your upholstery cleaned, then I am your guy.

    For the last seven years I have been helping dozens and dozens of high-rise residence to get the kind of cleaning outcome they have only been dreaming of.

    The reason is that I have over the years put together a lightweight, but powerful collection of carpet cleaning equipment that is easy to get into an elevator or even just to get upstairs with.

    So if you are looking for a cleaning professional with seven years of research and development and experience under his belt, and who is dedicated to put a smile on your face when you see the outcome, then please call me.

    You will be so happy that you chose me rather than anyone else, not only for my brilliant clean and fresh results but also for the value you received.

    Tile & Grout Cleaning

    Are your tiles and grout leaving a lot to be desired, and you want them sparkling and white? Everyone knows what a tough job it can be to get your grout crime free and your tiles sparkling again. So if you would love to have tiles and grout that makes you feel good and allows you to show it off to friends and neighbours, get it done now for all the catering and weekends to follow. Just call us for a quote and you will be blown away by how much time and effort and money our service will save you

    Bond / End Of Lease Cleaning

    Is your release coming to an end, and you would love to find someone you can trust to do the most thorough job of cleaning your rented property so you can be assured of getting your bond money back, then please call us for a free inspection and you will rest secure in the knowledge that you have someone who will come and rescue you from the potential pitfalls of never getting your bond money back due to an incomplete bond cleaning job. We are so affordable and faster than you can imagine, so just book us now and you can sleep peacefully knowing you will be taken care of at a rate that you will love.

    Recurring Cleaning

    Do you have a situation where you need windows or carpets or tiles or upholstery to be cleaned on an ongoing basis, either at your residence or at your business, then you couldn’t get better than getting in touch with us to arrange an agreement that will suit your wallet and blow your socks off with how efficient and awesome the results are. Book us now to make your life easier at an affordable rate

    Pet Accident/ Odour Removal

    We all love our pets, but sometimes, no matter how thoroughly you train them they still have accidents, and as per Murphy’s Law, these accidents are always on your fresh carpet or upholstery. Want to get the odours and stains removed professionally for a fresh spotless result, then give us a call and you will be pleasantly surprised

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