Looking for some super simple window cleaning tips?

Look no further than these great options. You’ll be seeing your beautiful reflection in no time at all!  I have a confession to make.

Our windows are dirty. I’m not talking about a smudge here and there. I’m talking about fingerprints, handprints, dog nose prints and a few seasons worth of grime built up around the windows.

Window cleaning is not my strong suit, and it seems like as soon as it’s done, it’s time to clean them again.

But with these tricks, you can get absolutely spotless windows (no, really!) with less effort than you’d think.

Which of these window cleaning tips do you plan to try first?   

First thing’s first: It’s time to clean the blinds. And cleaning between every single slat used to be tedious work, but it’s not anymore. Try our tongs trick to get them looking like new again.     

 Next, you’ll need a basic window cleaning solution that really gets results. All the good ones we’ve seen involve vinegar and Dawn dish detergent.       Get in those hard-to-reach window tracks with a sponge brush dipped in Pine-sol. It’ll make the house smell great, and you’ll finally have white window tracks again.      

But if your window tracks look more like this (as mine do), it’s time to harness the power of baking soda and vinegar. Let those ingredients do their thing for 5-10 minutes, and the grime just wipes right off.      

To get rid of mold on window sills, use a mixture of vinegar and tea tree oil. Put it in a spray bottle, let it sit for about 30 minutes, and then wipe it away.      

ou’d never guess that Woolite is great for windows, would you? Add 1/2 cup of Woolite to a gallon of warm water, and use a soft car wash brush to clean the exterior windows.      

This window cleaner recipe is made with dishwasher detergent, rubbing alcohol, ammonia, and Jet Dry to create a streak-free shine that you won’t be able to stop looking at.      

Defuzz your window screens with a lint roller. We don’t have cottonwood trees here, but if you do, this is a handy tip. Our fuzz, unfortunately, comes from an abundance of spiders!       When using a squeegee, wipe it clean with a dry towel every few swipes.      

Do you know how these homeowners kept their windows spotless for months? They used Rain-X on the exterior windows! Even after rainstorms, the windows stay sparkling clean.      

Don’t miss out on this window cleaning solution! Try this DIY natural hard water solution if your windows are covered in hard water stains.

It takes a bit of scrubbing if the stains have been building up for a while.       Use a microfiber cloth to clean your windows. They soak up the water without leaving lint behind on your glass.      

Cloudy days are your best friend when it comes to window cleaning. If you try to clean them on a hot, sunny day, you risk having the cleaning solution dry on your windows, leaving behind an icky residue.      

Tip-in windows make cleaning simple… at least on the bottom windows. But how do you get the tops without going outside and climbing a ladder? Why you use this trick! Wrap paper towels around your Swiffer, spray with window cleaning solution and just stick it out the window.      

Use a sponge mop to clean both the windows and the trim in a snap. This lady gets hers done in just a few minutes with the mop and a long-handled squeegee.       D

on’t forget to clean the window screens. This DIY window screen spray dissolves dust and leaves them looking refreshed with no rinsing required.        

Can you use newspaper to clean windows? Yes, you can! Save those old newspapers for the next time that you clean your windows!

Newspaper can be one of the easiest window cleaning tools, ever! Crumble it up in a ball and use it to wipe away the cleaning liquid.

You’ll notice that it leaves behind very little if any, streaks!  Do you have any favorite window cleaning tips to share?

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